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Great product and service design relies on solid corporate identity principles, which inform the way organisational culture and values are reflected — CEREKS practices a holistic user-centric approach to designing digital experiences.
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Shaping, refreshing or expressing your brand?

Adopting a user-centric approach, we deliver highly functional user experiences complemented with beautiful visual design.

Corporate Identity

Every business needs to build a strong, lasting image in order to stay relevant.
Our Process

Building on the foundations of a strong brand strategy, CEREKS helps you develop a tangible, engaging, and consistent Corporate Identity across various media.

Either by contributing specific core elements to corporate identities, such as logo design or by rethinking an image from the ground up and creating a Style Guide — we accommodate and consult on a case by case basis.

Web Design

Get the most value from your website by investing in elegant and impactful design.
Our Process

CEREKS helps you build up and bolster your businesses’ online presence, from content design through to website development and maintenance.

If you’re launching a landing page as an MVP for hypothesis testing or building a comprehensive website with Content Management System (CMS) and/or E-Commerce capability, we can help.

UI and UX

Create impactful products and services designed with users at their core.
Our Process

Making intuitive and compelling interfaces relies on a deep understanding of user needs and preferences. CEREKS’s UI process ensures both aesthetic and functional designs that solves a users need and allows them to reach their goals.


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