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Frequently Asked Questions

We'd like to get started! What's the next step?

That’s great news! You can either book a free consultation with us here or send us an email with details regarding your project requirements and we will be in touch ASAP.

How much does an average website cost?

The price range for a website can vary enormously. The factors influencing the price include for example the number of sections, pages, the need for a member login area or an e-commerce system, and many other factors. The Landing pages that we have designed in the past that range from 6-8 sections can come in as $ 5k – $ 25k. The final price is subject to change depend on various project requirements.

Do you provide tailored services?
Yes, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements in detail and formulate a tailored proposal for you. Just book a slot in our HoneyBook and we can discuss your requirements in more depth.
What industries do you specialize in?
Our team provides industry proficiency in blockchain, e-mobility and Tech SME’s. We do not limit ourselves to these industries either however, and we can quickly adapt our marketing services to a variety of industries.
Do you have a subscription based model for your services?
CEREKS subscription based services are designed to provide you with a set amount of work-hours and deliverables that are tailored to your requirements. Much like any subscription model, payment is made on a monthly basis and you have the option to cancel at any time as we we only charge any outstanding fees up until the end of every month. This model works best for long term marketing efforts like SEO optimisation or long term content development. If you have more questions regarding our subscription based models, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Do you charge for an initial consultation?
No! We like to take the time to get to know our clients and their requirements without the hassle of worrying about immediate costs, so the first session is on us. Just book a meeting in our HoneyBook and we will be in touch within 24 hours.
What's your working methodology?
Our approach to any project lies in a common understanding of a working process agreed upon by both parties. For us, transparency is a priority when working with clients and we regularly report our internal work hours and workflow. Additionally, at the start of every project we provide on-boarding documents that establish an internal communication process between yourselves and us. Many of our team members work remotely which allows us to function on a flexible basis and therefore meet the time requirements of our global clients.
What is you approach to design?
We take a very user centric approach to any design process. Using Design Thinking and the Brand Sprint methodologies as springboards, we take a holistic approach to all design projects. Broadly speaking, our process follows as structure of first answering the What, How and Why of each clients’ problem, followed by empathic research and information gathering, before leading with an iterative design process throughout the final phases of the project, in order to quickly transition between testing prototypes and finalising the design assets.
How do you structure the iteration process?
Feedback iterations begin once a design draft has been sent and end once the client feedback has been submitted. We usually provide you 2 designs concepts for your to choose from and the allow up to 3 iterations on the design that you choose. However, it is important that feedback is provided within the agreed uptime frame as this may impact the delivery time of the final design.
How do you measure success?
Simply put, delivering results for our clients is paramount. We measure our own success through customer satisfaction and we achieve this by defining SMART objectives with our clients before the start of a project to evaluate how well we are hitting our targets. We follow every project with a retrospective, where successes, challenges and learnings are gathered and implemented in future projects.
Do you require upfront payment?
Yes, in most cases we ask for a percentage of the total project budget to be paid upfront. We’re happy to discuss this form of payment on a case by case basis, if a client has any reservations.
Do you work with international clients too?
Yes we do, our team usually works out of California but our client base can be found in the US, Europe and around the world.
Do you provide in-house agency services?
We’d love it if you considered us as part of your team. We forge long-term business ties by curating our full stack of marketing services specifically to your business needs.
What digital tools do you use?

In terms of web design, we design our websites on Adobe Photoshop or Figma and develop them on the visual coding platform WordPress (this website was also built on WordPress). For remote workshops and collaboration, we like to use HoneyBook, while data-sharing and copy-writing are done on GSuite.